The chat in GAME FOR SCIENCE is public. If someone is in the same room you are, they can see everything you say. There are no private rooms and moderators can read everything at all times.

1. Respect

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. You must always respect others, even when their opinions are different from yours. Sexist, racist, sexual, homophobic or antireligious comments and commercial proposals will not be tolerated on GAME FOR SCIENCE

2. Positive Attitude

Be welcoming and helpful towards new visitors! Kindness goes a long way on GAME FOR SCIENCE just like it does in the real world!

3. Politeness

You don’t enjoy being insulted, neither do others! Express yourself calmly and politely. If someone says or does things that make you feel upset or angry, notify a moderator by reporting the player. To do so, click on the Online tab, then on the player name. Click the report button to communicate with our moderators. Moderators may be online at any time and they are not always visible to players.

4. NEVER give out your phone number or personal email address

Trust is a precious thing, don’t grant it to everyone! Refrain from giving out personal information on the Internet. If you are a minor, always let your parents know if you plan on meeting someone you met online.

5. Report bugs

GAME FOR SCIENCE is still under construction. The world needs your help to grow and evolve. If something doesn’t work the way you would expect it to, let us know by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Adapted from ENEZIG