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CREO Inc. is committed to protecting your online privacy when you visit a website operated by CREO. We record only the information provided voluntarily by you or your child aged 13 years or more. We do not collect and keep personal information from children under 13 without the consent of a parent or legal guardian, except in limited circumstances authorized by law and described in this document. Please read the information below to familiarize yourself with the terms of our privacy policy. Then you will have all the information required to fully enjoy all the fun activities we offer on our sites with your family. Please note that this site and the servers that allow it to be accessible from the Internet are based in Canada. By using this site, you agree to its transferring, collection, processing and usage of data generated by your interaction with our servers.


CREO respects the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998 and the guidelines of the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Council of Better Business Bureau, Inc. on all its Web sites for children. We invite you to spend time online with your children to guide them in their choices. We also invite you to help us protect children's privacy by instructing them to never provide personal information on this site, nor any other, without your permission.

If you are under 18, please be sure to read the information in the presence of your parents or your legal guardians and do not hesitate to ask questions about all the things you do not understand. Children under 13 must obtain the consent of their parent or legal guardian before providing personal information such as their email address or other personal information to CREO or anyone on the Internet.

1. Does CREO collect information about me if I am 13 years or older?

You can enjoy all of our websites without the need to communicate to CREO personal information about you. This means you can visit our sites without registration. However, most of these sites offer membership benefits and special sections. We record only the information provided freely by you or your adolescent child, such as when you sign a guest book, when you register for contests, sweepstakes or in community spaces, when you request a download or a free demo, when you complete one of our online questionnaires, or when you buy a product. The personal information we ask for is usually the name, surname, address, telephone number and email address. The use that can be made of the information provided is described below. Note that only persons 18 and over are allowed to use our online shopping services.

In addition, only a parent or legal guardian may register a child under the age of 13 years to take part in enhanced subscription services or certain community features on our websites.

2. What information is collected when I order from one of CREO’s online stores?

We offer the opportunity to buy products in our online stores. Customers must be over 18 and have a valid credit card. When a customer places an order or requests a catalog, we collect information associated with the transaction including customer name, email address, products ordered, shipping address and information about the credit card. We require this information in order to process the order or catalog request. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect credit card data during its transmission to our website and adopt special internal procedures to record this information to our systems. We require our service providers and our suppliers to protect the privacy and personal information they are required to handle and to adhere to best practices recognized by the industry for the protection of personal information.

Customers have the option to record certain information for future orders while completing their online order form. For customers who choose to register, we collect their login, their password, name and shipping address, a second shipping address and information about the credit card. Improved subscription services on some of our websites may be available for you or your child for a monthly fee or otherwise. To register your child, we will ask you to provide us their username plus your contact details and information on your credit card so that we can assist you in managing your child's account. We can also offer you the opportunity to be automatically billed for subscription fees. If you choose to automatically renew your subscription, we (or other service providers of trust) keep information about your registration, so that we can satisfy your request.

When customers who have registered return the site to place subsequent orders, they can identify themselves with their username and password. If a client includes the date of birth of a child and an email address, this information will be used only to help us provide products and services that meet the needs of the user.

When a customer places an order online, we send a confirmation email. We can also send an occasional e-mail featuring a special promotion or product that may interest our customers. Customers who prefer not to receive confirmation of the order online or promotional messages should indicate their preference on the online store order form. If you receive an email from us that you would rather not receive, simply follow the "unsubscribe" link included in the email.

When a customer places an order, or identifies himself or herself on a site where transactions are managed by a third party vendor, those transactions go through the vendor's website. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the vendor's website before providing any personal information or engage in any transaction via the third party website. CREO denies any responsibility for any transaction via these websites for any type of content, terms of use or policy on the privacy of these third party websites.

3. Does CREO collect personal information from children under 13?

We do not collect any personal information from children under 13 without the permission of a parent or legal guardian except in special circumstances. If your child under 13 and wants to use our sites with special activities (scavenger hunts, personalized pages or clubs), we can ask him to "register". This can often be done anonymously by providing only a screen name and password, but sometimes we need the name and email address of the child. When we ask the name of your child, we encourage the child to give himself or herself a "screen name" (protecting their real name) that only they know. We can also ask request that the child create a special password to access their private areas on the site. Sometimes personal information such as name, address or email address are required for a particular activity, but these are collected with verifiable parental consent. If we need information other than the name (or screen name) and email address of your child so s/he can participate in a particular online activity, we ask them to tell us your postal address or email you to inform you of the child’s request to participate and get your permission to communicate the required information. With the authorization request, we inform the parent or guardian of how information provided by the child will be used and of how to verify the child’s information and request its removal. We keep your email address (or your child’s) only with your consent.

CREO may collect information from your child under 13 without your consent, but only under the following circumstances:

  • When a child under 13 sends us a request for information, we keep their e-mail in order to respond to the request. CREO permanently removes the address from the system immediately after sending the response.
  • When a child under 13 registers to receive newsletters by e-mail or to participate in an activity that requires multiple online contacts, we ask for the email address of a parent or legal guardian to notify the parent or guardian of the child’s request and give them the option to cancel it.
  • CREO allows children under 13 years to participate in activities such as special promotions, for example sweepstakes or contests. We ask your child only for the information necessary for their participation in this instance.

Whenever we ask your child to provide us with information without your prior consent, we will also ask for your email address to notify you of the child’s participation in the promotion or subscription to a service. If we need information other than the name (or username) and email address of your child so he can participate in a specific online activity, we will request your postal address or email to inform you and get your permission to communicate the required information. We can ask for, for example, your postal address to send you the prizes that your child may have won so that the child will receive them, or your phone number so you can be reached in the event your child wins. All information provided by you or your child in these circumstances will be deleted from our database at the end of the promotion, program or activity, after expiry of the statutory period of retention of such information.

We might offer enhanced services to children under the age of 13. In that event, a parent must register for the service and establish the appropriate permission level for the child. The content and activities available to you and your child may vary according to the subscription. Parents will receive information on the type of content and activities that their child has access to at the time of subscription and remain responsible for their child’s account. Some services might require a subscription fee.

Your child will never be required to provide additional information beyond what is necessary to take part in a contest, game or activity. If you do not want your child to receive electronic newsletters, simply click on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter or contact us at Parents or legal guardians may review the personal information collected from their child, request that it be deleted and forbid us to request or use any additional information. Click here to print a copy of our Personal Information Access Request, complete the form and mail it to:

Personal Information Access Request
460 Ste-Catherine O. #507
Montreal (Quebec) H3B 1A7

However, if you ask us to remove all information about your child, we may be forced to deny your child participation in some of our activities.

4. How does CREO use shared personal information?

Personal information collected from you, your child 13 or older or your child under 13 years old (with consent) are used only in the ways described in the request for information. For example, if you enter a contest, or if you purchase a product, we use the information provided during registration to notify contest winners, or to fulfill your order. Occasionally, and only if you've allowed this use when sharing your personal information with CREO, we can contact you, contact your child 13 or older or your child under 13 years (with consent), through a letter or e-mail to inform you about new products from CREO, updates to our websites and promotional offers. With your consent we may also transfer this information to other CREO brands, and other affiliates so that they can introduce you and your family to products that may interest you. You can decide at any time not to receive advertising about products and updates from CREO or affiliates : simply contact us at You will also find on all our communications to you or your child an option to request not to receive such information in the future.

5. Does CREO share my information with other companies?

With your consent, CREO reserves the right to share your information to other companies who offer products or services that may interest you. CREO also reserves the right to share the information on children 13 years or older, with your consent. We never share any personal information received from children under 13 years with companies not belonging to CREO for marketing ends, except in the cases mentioned in this document. We will immediately remove your name from the list provided to other companies if you contact us by e-mail at and we will also unsubscribe your child if a request is sent to that aim. In special circumstances, CREO may allow other companies access to its database, but only as part of maintenance services (to the database or server), security services, transaction management, or if useful in order to fulfill requests from users, or similar services. When we allow access to our database, we require from other companies a binding signed confidentiality agreement so that any information provided remains confidential. If CREO has reason to believe that the behaviour of a user of our site may harm CREO, its sites or any other person, we reserve the right to disclose any personal information appropriate in order to prevent any damages. In this case, CREO will identify the user in order to initiate contact, or legal procedures if necessary. We also reserve the right to disclose personal information when its disclosure is required by law or in response to a legal injunction.

6. How does CREO use cookies?

A "cookie" is a small file saved on the hard drive of your computer that does not contain any personal information. Cookies allow you faster access to pages you've visited, enable personalized pages and mediate your participation in certain events and activities on the site. For example, for sites that offer treasure hunts, we need cookies to track your progress. If you want to leave the site and then return, cookies will tell us what you have already found so you do not have to start all over again. Cookies keep track of items in your cart and in your wish list in our online stores. Cookies also allow us to know how many people visit our sites, which web pages interest them and how long they surf on these pages. This information helps us determine which functions of our websites are the most successful and which sites need to be improved. For administrative reasons, we collect IP addresses (automatic number assigned to your computer whenever you surf the Web). Some Internet Service Providers may assign the same IP address to many users. IP addresses allow us to count the total number of visitors to our sites. However, your IP address and cookies are independent of any personally identifiable information or online contact, such as your name or address, ensuring that your anonymity and your family is preserved. We may also use another technology called .GIF to obtain other important anonymous information such as date and time of opening an email, for marketing and client relation purposes.

7. Does CREO collect information without my knowledge?

CREO does not collect information passively through cookies or other tracking mechanisms except in the circumstances described above. However, third-party advertisers are likely to do so : please read section 8 below carefully. CREO cookies do not contain any personal information about a specific user. We do not use cookies or other non-consensual data collection methods to extract personally identifiable information from your computer or contact you or your family. CREO does not use cookies for advertising or direct marketing and does use cookies only for certain specific activities such as treasure hunts mentioned above. Similarly, CREO does not use cookies to collect information specifically about you or your family to communicate to others.

8. Do third-party advertisers use cookies on CREO’s websites?

When placing online advertisements on this site or any of our websites, it is possible that some of CREO’s third-party advertisers place a unique cookie on your computer or access it.

Some of these companies may use non-personal information (information that does not include your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this website and others to select advertisements on goods and services that might interest you. If you want more information about this practice and if you want to know how to ensure that these companies do not use this information, click here.

And finally ...

We hope you and your family enjoy visiting our sites, and we recommend that you use common sense whenever you disclose personal information (on this site and other websites).

Thank you for reading these terms and conditions. We hope this document gave you a better comprehension of all the activities offered on our websites and convinced you of our commitment to safeguarding your privacy on the Internet. Note that we may be required to change our policy. In this case, we will update this policy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!