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Produced with the financial participation of the Canada Media Fund.

This project was funded in part or entirely by the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canada New Media Fund which is administered by Telefilm Canada.

Produced thanks to Telefilm Canada's funding Visit the website of the Government of Canada.

This project was funded in part or entirely by the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canada New Media Fund.

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Canadian Heritage

This project is funded in part by Canada Interactive Fund at Canadian Heritage.

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  • GAME FOR SCIENCE provides a communications and education platform for science-related government departments, companies, foundations and organizations, using game technology to create a new style of marketing buzz and help them meet their science education and communications goals, including:

    • interesting young people in science and technology;
    • encouraging more young people to study science;
    • showcasing cutting-edge knowledge, careers, projects, issues and scientific research and talking about pressing issues;
    • making science a part of young peoples’ everyday lives.

  • GAME FOR SCIENCE also provides a platform for holders of scientific intellectual property (museums, television and new media producers, publishers, etc.) to boost the visibility and reputation of their science-related products and their potential profits. Already, the following partners are part of GAME FOR SCIENCE :

CREO is looking for partners to develop and share new content as a way of building and expanding the GAME FOR SCIENCE world.

If you are interested in becoming a financial partner or in distributing scientific content, contact Caroline Julien, CREO President, at:
(514) 278-9595 ext. 21