Welcome to GAME FOR SCIENCE! GAME FOR SCIENCE is a scientific content portal and virtual world. Through a character who represents them, young people can join the community and chat with friends while discovering quality scientific content, inform themselves on careers in science and learn through science games. Aerospace, physics, genomics and the environment are some of the themes explored in GAME FOR SCIENCE. We are proud to offer a safe and fun learning environment that young people can visit both at school and at home.

Who said gaming is nothing but a violent time-waster? With the advent of a new trend called "serious games" or "serious gaming", videogames explore new horizons: teaching tools, training activities, virtual worlds dedicated to raising awareness on various issues... On GAME FOR SCIENCE, the content is geared to stimulate young people’s interest in science and technology.

With educational content that changes every week and filtered chat, GAME FOR SCIENCE offers a fun and challenging world for young people and peace of mind for parents. The virtual world is free and we do not share our list of players with anyone. We may occasionally contact some players to invite them to test games before their official release or to participate in one of our contests.

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" It's really cool and not just for kids. Adults may also be surprised by what they can learn while having fun! "- S. R., Québec

" Hi, just to say that my 9 year old boy tried GAME FOR SCIENCE a few weeks ago. He was immediately hooked! A few days later, he shared the link in a school presentation. After that, it seems that several of his friends have signed up with great interest ... Bravo! "-s B. L., Québec

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