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Boreal forests have their own integrated cooling system! They emit particles that thicken clouds, thus making the ground cooler.

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Bring students to the essence of learning so they develop skills and master learning concepts.

The CREO team strives to provide alternative and innovative teaching methods. Approaches that make use of on-line gaming are highly consistent with the interests of the digital generation. This new way of learning speaks to them in their own language and helps them better understand complex systems.

The simulation game FORESTIA is adapted for in-class use. To facilitate its use as a Learning and Evaluation Situation (LES) in your class, specialists have based the first two teacher’s guides on the 2nd- and 3rd-cycle primary programs, and on the 1st-cycle secondary program. All materials needed to carry out the activity in class are available free of charge on this site.

These guides are currently being tested among various school groups. Are you interested in testing them? We are counting on you to help us refine them. Please contact us to tell us about your in-class experiences or for any other request.

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