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Boreal forests have their own integrated cooling system! They emit particles that thicken clouds, thus making the ground cooler.

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Simulation game Forestia The Simulation Game. Click here to play!

Welcome to the island of FORESTIA, world of a thousand forest mysteries.

FORESTIA is an island of the GAME FOR SCIENCE virtual world, where you will meet Kalikasan, a very unusual naturalist. Come discover the secrets of the boreal forest by searching for precious “smart stars” with your knowledge detector. And like all virtual worlds, you can also chat with your friends.

You will also find the simulation and strategy game FORESTIA. Face the formidable challenge of sustainable forest management. Carry out forest inventories, supply your mills using multi-functional tree fellers, fight massive forest fires, and protect a section of the forest that contains an exceptional ecosystem.

The island of FORESTIA conceals other secrets that will be gradually revealed by the naturalist through mini-games, video clips, and document files. Come dive into the mysterious world of the forest.

GAME FOR SCIENCE launches a virtual forest

Jeu de simulation et statégie ForestiaWith a new simulation and strategy game from CREO, young people can now experience the inherent challenges of sustainable forest management. The game environment is a virtual forest that must be managed in such a way as to sustain the economy, protect biodiversity and satisfy the needs of multiple users such as hunters, fishers and hikers. This educational game can also be used in the classroom, thanks to guides for geography teachers in primary cycles two and three and secondary cycle one. “A simulation game is a highly effective tool for teaching about something as complex as sustainable management,” explains CREO president, Caroline Julien. “And it connects with young people from the digital generation, who have grown up with these new technologies. Ask your own kids tonight whether they would prefer to take a theoretical geography course or play FORESTIA.”

Ile Forestia Directly accessible free of charge on-line at (http://www.gameforscience.ca/forestia), the game can also be accessed through GAME FOR SCIENCE (http://www.game-for-science.ca), a science-themed virtual world and education portal. FORESTIA has a solid scientific basis and has benefited from the input of numerous partners. Telefilm Canada, the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune, Université Laval, the Ordre des ingénieurs forestiers du Québec, the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs, the Association des biologistes du Québec, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, SOPFEU, the Comité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre en aménagement forestier, the Association forestière de la Vallée du St-Maurice, the Association forestière du Québec métropolitain, the Association forestière de Lanaudière, and the École forestière de Duchesnay.

For these partners, the game is a unique and innovative teaching tool because it helps make forest science and forestry jobs more attractive by presenting forest management as a stimulating challenge. The goal now is to assemble partners to launch new missions, within both FORESTIA and GAME FOR SCIENCE, in order to introduce players to other science issues. The Québec department of natural resources has already reiterated its commitment for the next year, allowing us to launch a new deciduous forest quest in the near future.


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