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Boreal forests have their own integrated cooling system! They emit particles that thicken clouds, thus making the ground cooler.

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Does the environment pique your curiosity? Here, you can discover the basic principles of sustainable forest management. All of these files can also be found in the game FORESTIA. Click on the file name to download it in PDF format or to print it. .

A jewel of the natural world.

Forests are an immense natural resource with tremendous economic potential. They also provide habitat for many species of plants, insects and animals. To properly manage a forest, we must take the needs of its many users into account. These users range from hikers and campers to hunters to forestry workers.
Fire: a formidable enemy

Either through carelessness or negligence, people are responsible for 70 percent of forest fires. Planes and helicopters are precious tools for fighting forest fires, but the real battle is fought on the ground. Here, firefighters attack fires methodically, armed with motor-pumps, hoses, shovels and axes.
The inventory: a map of ecosystems

The forest inventory is a kind of census that is vital in evaluating the state of the forest, and in particular the average age of the trees, their height and size, etc. Ecoforestry maps are generated from aerial and satellite photos and from data collected in the field. All of these data are used to determine how much wood can be harvested.
Forestry trades

From the sylviculture worker to the wood processing technician, from the forestry engineer to the fire prevention officer, many jobs are directly linked to the fate of our forests. For example, forestry engineers use the latest 3D imaging technology to map forests. And wood engineers are responsible for optimizing procedures by developing or perfecting ultramodern machinery.
Wood: a renewable resource

Total harvesting removes all the wood in an area at once. This practice, which imitates natural phenomena, allows the forest to renew itself while diversifying wildlife habitats. A partial harvest targets old trees, which are likely to die in the near future. Young trees are left to mature until they are old enough to harvest.
The importance of wildlife

Good forestry management practices help maintain healthy wildlife populations, which in turn allows hunters and fishers to remove some of the excess animals every year. When it complies with the law, sport hunting helps to preserve wildlife species and their habitats.

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