The game Brought to You by Ship puts students in charge of a shipping company and requires them to use their logistics skills to manage its growth, profitability and environmental impact.

Players buy and store cargo and fuel, hire crew members and decide which orders to give. Incidents at sea can arise without warning, stopping the ship or slowing it down. To correct these situations, students must answer quiz questions related to the St. Lawrence River. The game helps them realize how important the marine industry is in our lives and that shipping is the greenest means of goods transportation available.

The game includes interactive educational activities on angles and the Cartesian plane. Learning these concepts is contextualized, helping students understand some of shipping’s many facets, including docking ships using tugboats and locating obstacles using satellites.

Teacher’s Guide

The Brought to You by Ship Teacher’s Guide is designed for elementary school, Cycle Three students and links video game concepts to the Québec Education Program (English Language Arts, English as a Second Language; Mathematics; Science and Technology; Geography, History and Citizenship Education).

The activities included in the Teacher’s Guide fall under the broad area of learning Environmental Awareness and Consumer Rights and Responsibilities and address the following essential knowledges:

English Language Arts, English as a Second Language

  • Question words
  • Writing a narrative text
  • Writing a descriptive text
  • Verb tense and mood


  • Angles
  • Cartesian plane
  • Time
  • Division
  • Arithmetic average
  • Rounding numbers
  • Fractions (representing and reducing)
  • Situational problems (multiplication, division, using a calculator, decimals, lengths, capacity)

Science and Technology

  • Permeability and impermeability
  • Solubility
  • Buoyancy
  • Sources of energy
  • Climate-related natural phenomena
  • Tides

Geography, History and Citizenship Education

  • Techniques specific to Geography
  • Time lines
  • Means of transportation
  • Transportation routes
  • Trade
  • Bodies of water

The Guide’s activities can be used separately.

One Mathematics situational problem and two English writing situations allow students to develop the competencies for these two subjects.