Shipping Success is up to You!

Create your own shipping company... and overcome the challenges involved in running it!

Use your logistics skills to make sure your cargo arrives safely while managing your company’s growth, profitability and environmental impact.

Manage your crew, fuel, cargo purchases and cargo storage. Use your geometry skills to guide your ships.

Ready for your first delivery?

Did you know that 80% of the goods you use every day are brought to you by ship?

From your toothbrush to your iPad!

The maritime industry, when blue is green!

Shipping is the greenest mode of transport currently in existence. A single medium-sized vessel can transport the same amount of cargo as 870 trucks or 225 rail cars.

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This game is for anyone who loves adventure! If you are looking for an exciting career involving navigation or are a born entrepreneur, you will love meeting the challenges involved in running your shipping company.

You will also find out more about the marine industry, protect the St. Lawrence River’s natural resources and learn more about seagoing trades!

All aboard!