Posted by Albane Francais on October 6th 2014

Where Challenge

The 7th annual WHERE Challenge is back!  What on Earth is in your stuff and WHERE on Earth does it come from? Get your students to be creative and learn something new about science, technology and the manufacturing industry. They could win CASH prizes!

A contest presented by Mining Matters.

For more details, please visit:


Posted by admin on June 12th 2014

Image blog post_ENDid you know that it is possible to go on a holiday where you will be able to participate to real research projets contributing to sustainable development and protection of Nature? (more…)

Posted by Albane Francais on December 11th 2013

The Holidays Are Here!The holidays are almost here, and GAME FOR SCIENCE has put on its red nose and prepared some Christmas presents that are available from now until January 6, 2014 only.

Stop by the Store or the Barber Shop and pick up a Christmas hat. 300T$ for members and FREE for Premium members. (more…)

Posted by Albane Francais on November 11th 2013

You will notice several changes in GAME FOR SCIENCE starting today. A new island, Vitalis, which is devoted to health, will offer players aged 12 and upa quest to discover and detect the various sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI). As a doctor, the new STBBIs: Under the Stethoscope quest will make you meet 10 young people. (more…)

Posted by Albane Francais on October 31st 2013

Nouveau costume d'HalloweenPumpkin season is back! For the occasion, GAME FOR SCIENCE has designed a “ghostly” costume for you! Hurry up to the store to get your new outfit and to scare your friends. Under the name “Bed sheet ghost”, subscribers will be able to get it for free while it will cost 400 Talent$ for free members.

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Albane Francais on October 18th 2013

New things in GAME FOR SCIENCE!You will notice changes in GAME FOR SCIENCE starting today. If you swing by the Science Café, Linda will give you a collection for your museum. Have fun finishing the quests of the Café to get all the images for this new collection or discover the new portraits hanging on the walls. You will also notice that the 5 quests of the Science Café have been improved and that you no longer need to participate in the first 4 debates before doing the 5th one!
Have a good game!

Posted by Albane Francais on July 25th 2013

New things in GAME FOR SCIENCE!You will notice many changes in GAME FOR SCIENCE starting today. To personalize your virtual museum even more, you can now buy and position several copies of the same decorative accessory. Fun, eh?

Another new thing: when you confirm your email, you automatically win 5,000 Talent$! Don’t worry, if you have already confirmed your email, you will also receive this bonus automatically. So you know what you have to do. ;-)


Posted by Albane Francais on July 22nd 2013

Game for science server moveWe are moving the virtual world to a more powerful server! Why? We were getting a little cramped in our old server. Connection and lag issues will be resolved with this update. Connecting to GAME FOR SCIENCE will not be possible during the update that will take place from Wednesday to Thursday.

It won’t be long, come back quickly to see us and as always, feel free to email us if you come across a bug in the virtual world.

Thanks for your patience!

Posted by Myriam on July 16th 2013

2013_04_avril_museeWe have updated the site with even more content!

With our new premium membership, you get access to exclusive customization options, 150 new collection items, two new quests, and an extra hall for your museum, where you can display even more objects in new decors. You asked for topics like space and the underwater world, and we’re delivering. Your friends will be envious when you unlock them.

In addition, when you sign up or renew your membership, you’ll get Talent$, Cortexes, and duel cards, so you can get the most out of all the new options.

But don’t worry, the GAME FOR SCIENCE virtual world will stay free for everyone, and we will continue to add new quests and mini-games often.

Visit our signup page to find out more.

Posted by admin on December 23rd 2012

Winter vacations are upon us! Why not spend some time exploring a little-known corner of GAME FOR SCIENCE? We’ve added a new island and you can gain valuable neurons as you prepare for the launch of a new mission there!

Exclusive holiday clothes await you at the Hypermarket and Store! You have until January 7 to acquire these items.

See you in game!