Posted by Albane Francais on November 11th 2013

You will notice several changes in GAME FOR SCIENCE starting today. A new island, Vitalis, which is devoted to health, will offer players aged 12 and upa quest to discover and detect the various sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI). As a doctor, the new STBBIs: Under the Stethoscope quest will make you meet 10 young people.

The goal of the game? To earn the trust of your patients, by asking the right questions, in order to complete the consultation and thus gain neurons and Talent$. But beware, if you lose their trust or if you give them wrong information, they could slam the door in your face! A unique gift is given to players who have completed all the consultations!

Furthermore, 20 new smart stars about health are also available for all players on the Vitalis island and 10 others about STBBI are restricted to those 12 and over. With your detector, look closely at the scenery to find all these knowledge capsules and to collect neurons. Sci-Jack will be there to ask you questions and make you unbeatable at the Neuromaster duel.

Have a great game!