Posted by Albane Francais on July 25th 2013

New things in GAME FOR SCIENCE!You will notice many changes in GAME FOR SCIENCE starting today. To personalize your virtual museum even more, you can now buy and position several copies of the same decorative accessory. Fun, eh?

Another new thing: when you confirm your email, you automatically win 5,000 Talent$! Don’t worry, if you have already confirmed your email, you will also receive this bonus automatically. So you know what you have to do. ;-)

Finally, new smart stars are now available in the Cliptotech and in Genomia. With your detector, scan the scenery to find all the knowledge capsules and to collect neurons. Sci-Jack will be there to ask you questions and to make you unbeatable in the Neuromaster duel.

Play well and have a great summer!