Posted by admin on September 24th 2012

What’s the most complex machine in the universe? The Antonov An-225, the largest and most expensive plane in the world? The Sequoia, the fastest computer in the world? No, it’s right there, under your skull: your brain. And it’s yours to discover in Wondermind, a game full of mysteries that mixes science with art. Follow the rabbit and dive into the world of Alice in Wonderland to discover the gazillion things your grey matter is capable of.

Serve tea to guests, aim the laser at the Cheshire cat, or play cards with the queen. Each mini-game in Wondermind will teach you something new about how your brain works. Ben and Zina are your guides through the game and will put you in direct contact with neuroscience researchers.

Why wait? Head over to the arcade and click on the “Health (human body)” terminal to play Wondermind.