Posted by admin on September 5th 2012

You will notice several major changes in GAME FOR SCIENCE today!

Gaining levels now unlocks special powers. Whenever you gain a level, you also gain Cortices which you can spend to select the powers of your choice.

The “My powers” app in your Sci-Phone lists all the options available to you. Some of the former sciencenaut powers have changed slightly. For example, to access the chat, you must now acquire the “Telepathy between friends” power (which allows you to know where your friends are in the world). Then, spending two cortices in “Motormouth” will enable the chat.

Everyone look alike to you? Change things up! A series of new powers allows you to buy elite clothes and hairstyles and unlock exclusive colors!

There are many other new powers. Explore the “My powers” app to find out what they are! Do you like this new system?

Also, a new quest is available at the Science Café! Be part of a citizen jury and evaluate the Megarock mine project. I’ll blog about it in more detail soon, but in the meantime, give it a try!
Happy discoveries!