Posted by admin on February 21st 2012

A new game has just appeared on GAME FOR SCIENCE. Clim’Way is a simulation game available on our environmental archipelago, Environium. Your mission: take control of a region and create a climate plan to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

You have 50 years to achieve this. No more, no less. Your tools are a range of actions involving public authorities, businesses and citizens. For example, you might install solar panels at a school, develop green tourism on the mountain, or recycle incinerator waste to build a road. Along the way, you can assess the effect of your actions. Did you manage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions this year?

According to different climate prediction scenarios, scientists foresee a global warming of between 1ºC and 5ºC by 2100. In order to stabilize this warming at an acceptable level (maximum of 2ºC), we must cut world emissions of greenhouse gasses in half by 2050.

The fight against global warming is a complex issue, but above all, it’s URGENT. Are you ready for the Clim’Way challenge?

Head over to Environium and click on the little robot called Decobob. You can also access the game from a machine on the first floor of the arcade on Entry Island. As a bonus, you can earn neurons and valuable questions for duels.

Back to work… I mean play.