Posted by admin on January 18th 2012

neuromasterThe time has now come to put your knowledge to the test. You have answered questions from Sci-Jack and learned some fascinating things.  Measure yourself against other sciencenauts in the Neuromaster duel and win valuable rewards. You need to have at least 1500 neurons to become a duellist.

First hone your weapons: Open the duel menu by clicking on the boxing glove in your personal menu.

Click on the deck icon at the very top to open your deck editor. Your special cards inventory lies just below. The editor will allow you to create a ferocious deck to crush your opponents.

To boost your efforts, a visit to the new store will allow you to buy special cards : some offensive, some defensive. Which will be your style?

Once your deck is ready, it’s time to duel! The more you answer difficult questions and the faster you answer them, the more points you’ll earn. Stay focused! The issue of the battle could depend on it. Be careful, you only have 3 lives…
The winner will walk away with a bonus that changes with each fight: potions, special cards, Talent$…

You’re short on questions? Sci-Jack will be happy to hand you some more… if you know the right answer!
Login now to find opponents and good luck!