Posted by admin on June 29th 2011

Do you have plans for the summer? Make sure to visit us over the coming weeks : we will have tons of new content for you throughout the summer. Also, the contest continues on Genomia Island! I will be happy to help you if you need a little help to free the Whippersnapper brothers. You could win an iPod touch!

This week, a new debate awaits you at the Science Cafe. Is it acceptable to test new drugs on humans? How can we know certain vaccines aren’t dangerous to our health? You will explore these issues and other fascinating ones by joining in the debate!

You will also notice a few small improvements to the virtual world. You may now move from island to island without using the ticket : simply click wherever you wish to go on the world map, from the same portal locations as before. The Sci-Phone has also been revamped. You wish to see how your sciencenaut journey compares to your friends’? Your Sci-Phone now allows you to check out the detailed specs of each of your friends. For example : need help in a quest? You may now see which of your friends has completed it! This is just the beginning, other applications are coming to the Sci-Phone. Your suggestions are welcome!