Posted by admin on June 1st 2011

The Science Cafe is open!Do you enjoy debates? You’ve probably noticed the Science Café by now. It is a great place to share opinions, meet new people, relax and discover some famous scientists : the Café’s walls are adorned with portraits of inspiring teachers and discoverers… Linda the barista has a quest for you, to help bring a little more life to the Café’s walls. Linda also sells potions with various surprising effects! I suggest you try them all and see which is your favorite. She’s constantly working on new formulas, too. Who knows what she’ll brew next! What kinds of potions would you like to see added to her offerings?

The Café is a very lively place. Each month, a new debate will be added. The first debate focuses on scientific innovations. Do you think it’s important to allow potentially controversial research to happen even if it might have some undesirable consequences, so as to make sure innovation isn’t stifled? On the contrary, do you think it’s better to wait until there is a high level of certainty to avoid possible problems? Whatever your opinion, you will follow the debate between Ganda and Victor with great interest. In addition, if you give your opinion during the debate, you will gain new Talent$ (enough to fetch a few extra potions!).

The Science Café isn’t the only place where there’s action! Head over to Rana : 2 new quests will challenge your capacity to react to environmental catastrophes. More on this soon!

Enjoy your discoveries!