Posted by admin on March 31st 2011

April Fools'Lots of new things online for you to explore! First, GAME FOR SCIENCE inaugurates its Science Café. Science-themed debates will soon be held there. In the meantime, if you’re hungry for new quests, hop to Physica Island : a new quest awaits you there! We will tell you all about it soon…

April Fool’s Day is upon us, we suggest you try the diodon potion. It will turn you into a strange fish. Check out your inventory manager and you’ll find a sample.

Diodons are a genus of fish with spine-covered skin who can inflate themselves to scare away predators. When they feel in danger, the bodies of these animals swells to become almost spherical. How do they achieve that? They accumulate water in their stomach and esophagus. If a predator, such as heron, catches them, they can also defend themselves by ballooning up with air.

Photo : Getty Images

Impossible for a potential predator to swallow it whole! It wouldn’t make a very nice snack anyway because their bodies contain a highly toxic substance. These “porcupine fish” accumulate a toxin called tetrodotoxin.

Look what happened to the diver who annoyed a diodon!

Despite the toxic substance they contain, these fish are considered a delicacy in some Japanese restaurants. They are prepared by chefs who are trained to remove the poisonous pockets.

There are several species of Diodon. These fish usually live near the coasts in the tropics and subtropics. They eat sea urchins, hermit crabs and coral, thanks to their very strong teeth. Indeed, the word “Diodon” means two teeth. All of the Diodon’s small teeth are welded together to form two large teeth. Thanks to them, they can crack the shell of shellfish they eat.
In some countries, artists inflate and dry this amazing fish before inserting a lightbulb into its body, turning it into a bedside lamp… Can you imagine yourself turned into a bedside lamp?
If you have other questions on Diodon, do not hesitate! And why not do a little research on your side exploring the powers of animals. If you find something interesting, you could suggest new potions for the Science Café!