Posted by admin on February 11th 2011

Welcome back! Glad to see you’re not crumbling under a pile of math homework keeping you away from SCIENCE IN GAME’s adventures. We’re glad you’re here : this is why we’ve built a new zone for you to explore and earn even more neurons! What’s more, this one could help you with your math homework…

Enter Mathematicos. This is the island where everyone on GAME FOR SCIENCE can buy things they need for their scientific research or simply things they’d enjoy wearing. At the HyperMarket, there’s something for everyone. You’ve got Talent$ to spend? You’ll find shoes, clothes, accessories… It’s time to refresh your wardrobe!

Obviously, there’s more to the HyperMarket than fancy duds. You’re a math whiz? Marty, the manager, needs your help. His clients need a little mathematical assistance to figure out exactly what they should buy. Help them solve their problems and you will earn great rewards. There’s a total of 15 puzzles to solve in order to complete the quest. Also, you might need characters you haven’t met before… Who knows when or where they’ll show up next!

What other items should we add? Check it out and let us know what you think!